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You ve seen in this chapter how the core structure of the Page object is the control tree. The control tree is exposed by the System.Web.UI.Control type, so all controls you use expose their own control collection. This is how the control tree models the hierarchy of your HTML document. Markup without the runat=server attribute gets flattened into a LiteralControl in this control tree. So the Page object is nothing but a big state machine, and the code you write alters the state of this control tree, so that when the page finally renders, you get the HTML you need. Deployment and compilation are problematic in version 1.x. Microsoft has added several features to the environment to address these issues, including a new deployment tool, dynamic compilation, and the ability to precompile an application in place or before deployment. When you re working with all of the Web Controls, User Controls, and custom controls that may be in the control tree, on top of base types sitting between your pages and the Page type, the timing of processing can become very complex. Several PreEventName and EventNameComplete events have been added to the Framework to help you manage this complexity. Nothing is committed to the output stream until the page renders, so you can make any changes to the control tree that you need until the page does render. The PreRenderComplete event is your last chance to affect the output stream. Because of this control tree infrastructure, data binding can be a memory intensive operation. You have a number a ways to control this rampant consumption, including turning off the ViewState of the bound control. Finally, instead of sending the output stream back to IIS, you saw how you can capture it, and compel it to do your bidding.

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Let s move on to look at an example of creating a connection pool data source and getting a pooled connection object.

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In this example, we demonstrate the following concepts: Creating a pooled connection Getting a logical connection from a pooled connection Closing the logical connection Closing the pooled connection To peek behind the scenes, we will run the query that we discussed in the section Connections and Sessions in Oracle earlier to list the current physical connections actually made to the database. Note that in this example, there is a one-to-one correspondence between a physical connection and a session. We need a way to pause after each of the four steps in the program, in order to run the query in the database and watch how many connections are created. For this, I wrote a class called InputUtil whose waitTillUserHitsEnter() method pauses until you press the Enter key. Please see the section A Utility to Pause in a Java Program of 1 for more details on this method.

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SPNET is intrinsically a server-side technology All of the code that goes into creating a Web Form executes on the web server The entire NET Framework is geared toward generating markup compliant with the HTML 40 specification (wwww3org) There s no facility for spawning a NET process on the client With ASP and COM there are ActiveX controls With Java there are applets With NET nada While this may strike some as an omission, it s actually by design ASP NET is designed for creating web applications that cast the widest possible net for supporting the browsing public The presupposition is that the NET Framework is not installed on the client If the Framework is installed on your entire client base, and you want to leverage the power of .

The following program, DemoConnectionPooling, illustrates how to create a pooled connection and retrieve a logical connection from it. First, the necessary import statements and the declaration of the main() method are shown: /* This program demonstrates how to create a pooled connection * and obtain a logical connection from it. * COMPATIBLITY NOTE: runs successfully against and */ import java.sql.Connection; import javax.sql.PooledConnection; import oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleConnectionPoolDataSource; import book.util.InputUtil; class DemoConnectionPooling { public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception { To create a pooled connection, we first create an instance of OracleConnectionPoolDataSource and set its connection properties: OracleConnectionPoolDataSource ocpds = new OracleConnectionPoolDataSource(); ocpds.setURL ( "jdbc:oracle:thin:@usunrat24.us.oracle.com:1521:ora92i" ); ocpds.setUser("scott"); // username ocpds.setPassword("tiger"); // password

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